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Hey, hi.  My name is Bryant Howe and I'm the designer/builder/owner of Studious Amplifiers.

I’ve been involved with amplifiers for a while now.  Back in the day I used to modify old tube stereo receivers into guitar and instrument amplifiers for use in bands and noise projects I was playing in.  This was San Francisco, around 2007.  After a little while people started becoming interested in the amps and asking if I could build them their own or help them improve/mod/fix their old tube amplifiers.  So I did.  Not for money or as a business or anything, just because I found it interesting.

Around 2009 I moved to Chicago and was randomly put in touch with the guys at Emperor Custom Cabinets here in the city.   I liked what they were doing so I started designing/building unique, high gain, high wattage circuits with them.  The amps were well received and went on tour with bands like Weezer, The Melvins, The Jesus Lizard and Jeff the Brotherhood amongst others.  Things were looking good but unfortunately personality issues within their company made it pretty clear those guys were not going to be around forever.   So in late 2013 I decided to start my own project and launched Studious Amplifiers.

I know it's cliche', but I wanted Studious to be unique. Something that reflects what I value and what I found lacking in the world of "rock 'n roll" amplifiers.  I wanted the amps to be intelligent, classy, sophisticated, genuine, high quality, simple yet clever all while maintaining an edge and character of their own.  Those might be somewhat unusual words to describe a guitar amplifier but I'm OK with that.  These are not clones, I'm not trying to recreate sounds from over 50 years ago.  I use extremely high quality components, my own circuit layouts and designs that keep the signal as pure as possible and unwanted noise below hi-fi standards.  Every decision was made for a reason and every step in production is done with a purpose.  You will hear the difference.    

Thanks for stopping in and I appreciate your interest in Studious.

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