Dullen Customs Pedalboards

Over the past several months I have been battling with myself over if I really needed a nice pedalboard. Would it be worth the money to have something like that? After all, my $7 velcro covered piece of plywood was working, right?

All the guys I post on my instagram seem to have these amazing pedalboards that they spent Lord knows how much on, but could I really justify spending $200+ on a pedalboard?
I started weighing the options. With the amount that I play out, having a nice durable board is important. Input and power jacks on the side of the board would make setup and tear down smoother and quickly. The ability to wire everything up underneath an angled board would make things look clean and professional. And then the biggest reason, and the one I think that most of you all will really resonate with: I just really wanted one.

So I finally decided to retire the ol’ chunk of plywood, and started looking around at the options. I checked out so many different pedalboard companies it would make your head spin. And guys, there are a ton of guys out there that are building some absolutely beautiful boards.

During my search, I saw that a friend of mine had started using a board built by my new friend Dan at Dullen Customs.
Dan is a builder based out of New York. He comes from a family of carpenters and wood workers, and his craftsmanship and attention to detail is just incredible.
So I emailed Dan, and told him what I was looking for in a pedalboard. He gave me his thoughts about how we could set it up, and what materials to use, and my order was in!

I ordered a 12x24 Black Walnut board, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. It's absolutely perfect for what I am doing right now. And yes, it was definitely worth the money.
I posted the top of my board to IG a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to show you a couple different angles of the board itself here. Keep in mind that I am not a photographer by any means!
If you want to see some better pictures, or some of the other boards Dan has built, check out www.dullencustoms.com or follow Dullen Customs on Instagram!

As I said earlier, there are a lot of guys in the industry that are building some amazing pedalboards right now. But if you are in the market to buy one, please check out and consider Dullen Customs before you make your final decision.