Midnight 30 Music "OD No.30"

Hey guys!
I recently got my hands on a very cool overdrive pedal called the "OD No.30" by Midnight 30 Music.
Here is the description pulled from midnight30music.com:

"This overdrive pedal is inspired by the simplicity of the EM Drive. It is a low parts, simply designed circuit made with the best hand selected parts that I can get, giving it impeccable tone and clarity even on the grittiest settings. Because of its clarity, it stacks incredibly well with other drives and has beautiful picking dynamics.
It's made with: carbon comp resistors, Russian paper in oil capacitors, ceramic axial tone capacitor, and both a germanium 1N34a and European 1418 diode. There are controls for volume, drive, tone and a toggle that engages the clipping diodes. Use it as a boost or a tone shaping pedal when the clipping diodes are bypassed. When the didoes are engaged it brings out a clear, rich, and harmonic overdrive.
Wired true bypass and is powered by a negative tip (boss-style) power adapter. It can be run at 9-18v."

The OD No.30 is a killer sounding drive, and in my humble opinion, an even better sounding boost.
From the guts to the graphics, the quality and attention to detail is on point. And in that vein, the Stormtrooper edition I picked up might be my favorite graphic on any pedal that I have ever owned. I laughed, and then I cried. It was beautiful.

We put together a little sound demo of just a few of the drive and boost tones this pedal has to offer, which you can watch and listen to below.

My friend Corbin is playing a Telecaster into the OD30 into a Fender Bassman amplifier.

If you like what you hear, check out Midnight 30 Music and see all of the great pedals they have to offer!