B&B Highlight: Coming Hour

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This blog post was written by my friend Matt at the Coming Hour music store. He's a passionate dude that is doing some really cool things for the music and gear community, specifically geared towards the guys and girls that play in churches. Read, enjoy, and check these guys out!

Throughout the years I’ve watched churches start to value musical excellence and relevance more and more.  With a desire for excellence comes an increased demand on musicians and equipment.  Most churches and worshipers aren’t structured to train and equip their musicians, causing many to rely on stores and teachers that are a long-shot from sharing the same values.  I’m in no way hating on any stores or teachers, but just recognizing there is something very powerful when your teacher or sales rep thinks how you think and walks how you walk.  And that’s when Coming Hour launched.

Coming Hour is a music store and a music school with a heart to raise up worshipers.  Every person on staff is involved in their local churches and passionate about seeing worshipers empowered.  I’m not a huge fan of Christian businesses who trumpet Christ, but severely lack in excellence and professionalism.  We do our best to provide amazing service, know the most about the gear you’re considering, and be teachers that are highly trained and respected.

But our mission doesn’t stop at just being an awesome shop.  I would never consider using our values as a pure marketing campaign.  We invest profits back into worship.  There’s no way we can do everything, so we don’t even try.  Hours and hours have gone into researching and vetting ministries that carry our same mission to invest in.  With some we sponsor events, others we send teachers to be clinicians, some we use staff time to write gear reviews and instructional articles.  Our goal is not to replicate what others are doing great, but to support worshipers in ways that only a music store can.  

We’re not everything to everybody, but we do what we do to the very best of our ability.  If this vision resonates with you, or you want to be a part of what’s going on, there are a few ways to do that:

#1 – We’d be honored to be your music store of choice. You can trust you’re being served by an amazing team of people who believe in what we do.

#2 – Find us on social (I’ll list all the handles beneath) and reach out to us!  We’re real people who respond to every single person!

#3 – Tell your friends, churches, and fellow worshipers about us so together we can make a greater impact!



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