Bootsandboards: Collective

The first volume of Bootsandboards: Collective is here!

I am extremely excited about this release. It has so many cool songs, from all over the world, by artist Archived Liturgy, Dor Hamabul, Hurst, The Resounding, Movie Night, Nate Admire, People Who Could Fly, The Good Fortune, Of Truth & Spirit, and Powell!

There were several more submitted and I wish I could have put them all on, but congratulations to those who made it on!

Go check out Bootsandboards: Collective Vol. 1 now, and listen to the songs. If you are on a computer, you can even download the album for free! (Unfortunately, the album can not download to a phone or tablet, but it can be streamed from all devices!)

You can even vote for your favorite track with the poll on the album page!
The band that receives the most votes over the next week will be featured as the “Bootsandboards: Band Of The Month” and get a spot on the site all to themselves!

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You guys are the best! I hope you enjoy the first volume of Bootsandboards: Collective!!