Keeping Things Simple: How to Have a Small-ish Pedalboard & Still Sound Rad.


We’ve all been there: you sold your power supply, didn’t get a new one in time before the next gig, and had to throw something together right before rehearsal. These things happen. Replace power supply with delay or overdrive, then you really have to get creative.

For church guitarists, effects pedals are pretty important. You can’t nail those Hillsong parts without a dotted eighth or dotted quarter note delay, and you can’t fill those transitions with pretty, verbed-out swells. This is the nature of the music we play.

Unfortunately, I think we have created a culture of approval for how our pedalboards look on Instagram. Don’t deny it. I’ll admit it: I’ve bought pedals before because they would look sick on my board. This is where that idolatry thing can come in.
But I’m not here to preach on pedalboard theology. I’m here to encourage you guys that have smaller boards, and also challenge the guys with larger ones. I’ll start with the latter...

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